Our Mission

iKamper helps you get out there quickly, easily, and comfortably. So, go. Go where you never thought you could sleep before. Reconnect to yourself and reconnect to the planet. Soak up all that nature-y goodness.

Our Story

It was after this trip that Soon Park dreamed up a better way to camp. He designed a tent with the space of a soft-shell tent and the convenience of a hard-shell tent. No stress, no fuss, just a go-anywhere, do-anything roof top tent. He formed a team and took his idea to Kickstarter, hoping to raise $100,000 to make the original Skycamp happen. Our jaws dropped when we raised $2.3 million. Today, we’re a community of thousands of members across 40 countries.

We love people.

To show our commitment to loving people, we’ve partnered with Northwest Harvest, a local non-profit food bank dedicated to ending hunger here in Washington state. We’re committed to a company culture that respects and uplifts the voices of all employees.

iKamper is a multinational brand that serves people in 40+ countries. Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our values. We’re committed to learning and growing as a company and as individuals. We provide a healthy work-life balance for all of our employees – from Soon who still goes camping as much as he can, to our production workers in Korea who are treated with respect and paid fair wages.

Our campers connect on our community Facebook page. We might be biased, but we think iKamper Nation is just about the raddest group around.

We love nature.

Our love for the outdoors drives our passion for environmental preservation. iKamper follows the Leave No Trace practice and believes in respecting our beautiful, shared planet. To show our commitment to loving nature, we’re a member of the Conservation Alliance to partner with leading companies in protecting North America's wild places.