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Good storage solution to go with the ikamper tent!

J'ai une Skycamp 3.0. J'ai eu un problème avec l'usure prématuré d'une toile. Service après vente 5 étoiles. Très bon service de garantie. La toile a été remplacée.

J'ai longtemps hésité avant d'acheter à cause du prix. Mais finalement, ça vaut vraiment le coût de choisir iKamper!!

Vraiment content de mon achat!



Took a few tries to get it maximized but wow there is so much space. The quality is superior to others I've owned. Highly recommended.

Amazing customer service.

Amazing addition! A must have!


Beautifully made. Super easy setup and tear-down. Looks great on the jeep. Already building memories with the family.
Thank you Big Tent. You guys are amazing.

become a easy task.

It was hard to set up for the first time. But after that it will become a easy task. Love it!

The steps is really comfortable on your feet when going up and down the ladder.

Bought it for ease to get my dog in and out of the tent he’s a 70lbs lab and loves the stairs to get in and out

A must have! Love it!!!! So comfy!! Recommend you upgrade to this mattress!

Happy with the shoe rack so far. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s iKamper and the rack itself is
actually fairly substantive. Great for keeping shoes and toiletries high and dry.

Delivery was quick and product was as expected, thanks for the great service

Spent a few weekends in it so far and I cant speak more highly of it. At the end of the day, Ikamper is as good as it gets. If you are hoping to get into RTT camping, and you want something that is premium quality, made of the best materials that will last years and years, this is the tent you are looking for. The Mini 3 is great, its light, small, fits on virtually any car with the right crossbars. It really makes overland adventures feel luxury.

Wonderful service amazing product!!!! Thank you to your rep Nohemi spectacular service!!! Thé best I will recommand your product and Nohemi


Fit perfectly

Very good !

Replacement rain fly was a breeze to install love it!!

IKamper stuff, in my opinion is the best product for tent and awning products. Very creative and well thought out products. May be a bit more expensive than others but well worth the money.

It was awesome…apparently other people felt that way too because the first time we actually got to use it with our RTT, someone stole our ladder with the HC steps

The inner tent is an excellent accessory as it makes a separate area while still leaving plenty of other space in the annex. We really like how easy it is to set up but more importantly the kids love it as they both get their ‘own’ space.
It’s great value

Great quality, great service from our dealer

We took this out for a test run while the weather was wet and the night still cold. It kept all the weather out keeping us snug and dry. Lots and lots of space, be mindful that you’ll need plenty of width on your campsite. The extra touches on this are very welcome. The ropes are reflective and the zippers have large toggles making nighttime operation easier and safer.
Great quality, great service from our dealer


Great place great people only quality merchandise

Fantastic service, great product, incredibly helpful, kind people at Bigtent

We bought the HC steps to provide a bit more comfort and safety when going up and down our ladder, especially when the conditions are wet, icy or snowy. They did not disappoint. We've tested them now several times and they really help keep your foot securely on the rung, regardless of the conditions, while providing some much needed cushion if you happen to be in bare or sock feet. Would definitely recommend this product for anyone with a roof top tent that would like a bit more comfort and safety while climbing up and down their ladder.

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