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X-Cover 3.0

Patented 4-Person Rooftop Tent

iKamper’s hybrid roof top tent is the best of both worlds. The X-Cover® 3.0’s design eliminates the bulky PVC cover of traditional roof top tents and replaces it with a durable canvas sides. This 2024 edition of our award-winning RTT sleeps 3-4 and sets up in just two minutes, leaving more time to enjoy your campsite.

  • 2-minute setup
  • Light weight - just 119lbs(58kg)
  • AC/Heating duct inlet
  • Enhanced internal poles
  • Spacious: Sleeps 2 adults and 2 children or 3 adults
  • 9-zone, king-size, insulated 7cm polyfoam mattress

Tent Fabric
Breathable, black-out, 300gsm poly-cotton canvas


Height (Closed/Open)
13.3"(34cm) / 48.8"(124cm)

Rocky Black, scratch/UV resistant layer

Floor (Dimensions/Area)
29.9" x 86.9" / 203cm x 175cm

Track Length
70" / 178cm

Track Profile Width
1.7" / 4.5cm

9-zone, 2.75" / 7cm thick, insulated polyfoam

119lbs / 58kg

Rainfly Fabric
Waterproof polyester 75D ripstop rainfly w/ eco-friendly water-repellent (DWR) coating

Sleeping Capacity
3-4 People

Includes Mounting Brackets 3.0. Mounting Brackets 1.0 are available for purchase separately if required.

Track Width Apart(front/rear)
29.5"(75cm) / 29.9"(76cm)

Track Profile Height
1.18" / 3cm


Fall Asleep Under the Stars

The X-Cover® 3.0's double Skyview windows give you extra light by day and an incredible view of the stars at night. The canopy windows have been redesigned, allowing you to open both the canvas and mesh windows simultaneously. They even roll up for extra ventilation. Enjoy the fresh air and a beautiful view from the comfort of your rooftop tent.


The X-Cover has a 2.75" (7cm) high-density 9-zone, king-size, insulated polyfoam mattress.

Skyview + Large Windows

The X-Cover's double Skyview windows offer extra light by day, and a view of the stars at night.

Enhanced Internal Pole Durability

The X-Cover 3.0 is more stable and durability with enhanced internal poles.

Built In AC/Heating Duct Inlet

The tent maintains a more consistent internal temperature, reducing energy consumption while keeping you comfortable in various weather conditions.

ikamper X-Cover 3.0 gives the spacious

Comfortably Sleeps 3-4 People

The comfortable, king-size mattress, sleeps a family of 2 adults & 2 children, or up to 3 adults.

Built to Endure the Elements

The X-Cover® 3.0 is designed and built in-house with high-quality components for you to enjoy your tent for years to come. We use high-performance honeycomb aluminum floor panels, thick & durable blackout canvas, a ripstop rainfly, YKK zippers... We've also added a Rocky Black FRP layer on top of the X-Cover 3.0 for extra resistance against scratches, hits, and UV rays.

Weather is snowing but X-Cover is stable.

How To Setup

Strict Safety Standards

What could be more important than safety during precious moments in nature?
The X-Cover has been rigorously tested for safety through accredited testing organizations both domestically and internationally.
Adhering to the ISO9001 QMS standards, it ensures consistent product quality through well-established operational processes.

*Note: After mounting the tent, the maximum speed limit is 110 km/h; it is essential to adhere to this limit for safety.

The X-Cover has undergone extensive testing to ensure its durability and safety under various conditions. It was tested on different terrains including unpaved roads and highways for over 3,500 kilometers to assess its stability. Additionally, wind tunnel tests with speeds of 15 km/h confirmed the tent's robustness in securing its components. Furthermore, water spray tests simulated rainy conditions, verifying that the tent remains leak-proof even during heavy downpours.

Thanks to our universal mounting system, iKamper roof top tents fit on most vehicles.

  • They are designed to be mounted on two normal cross bars (not directly on the roof of the car), such as ones from Front Runner, Rhino Rack, Thule, Yakima, or any other after-market cross bars (same bars you would attach your bike or Kayak to).
  • The Skycamp DLX comes with Mounting Brackets 3.0, which are compatible with a max cross bar height of 1.2" (3cm) and a width of 3.5" (9cm). For higher cross bars, Mounting Brackets 1.0 should be used.
  • Check your vehicle's manual or contact the manufacturer to know your roof's dynamic weight limit (more info below).
  • iKamper RTTs have two rails underneath the main panel, and are mounted on your cross bars with adjustable mounting brackets.
  • Check the spacing of each model's mounting rails below to make sure it fits your rack. The rails are 1.77" / 4.5cm wide and 0.98" / 2.5cm tall.

Mounting Requirements

  • Dynamic weight refers to the weight supported by your vehicle when it is in motion and your rooftop tent is closed, while static weight refers to the weight supported by your vehicle when it is stopped and the tent is deployed.
  • The dynamic weight requirements for your vehicle and cross bars / rack system to accommodate our rooftop tents is essentially equal to the weight of the tent itself.
  • The dynamic weight capacity takes into account various forces at play when your vehicle is in motion (acceleration,  terrain, turning, etc.). 
  • We recommend after-market cross bars / rack systems as they have a higher dynamic weight capacity than stock cross bars.

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