iKamper Roof Top Tents: The Ultimate Buyer's Guide

With different sizes and models of iKamper roof top tents to choose from, choosing which tent is right for you can require a lot of research and time spent navigating different pages of our website. To make things easier for you, we've organized the information about each iKamper roof top tent to create The Ultimate Buyer's Guide! We encourage you to read about each tent so that you can choose the best one for you and your camping needs.

If you're looking to buy your first roof top tent or are wanting an upgrade from your current roof top tent, we're here to assist you pre-purchase and post-purchase. iKamper has tent options to help you begin your adventures in nature conveniently and comfortably whether you are looking to camp solo, with a loved one, or even with your family.

Each iKamper roof top tent mounts to your vehicle via crossbars or a roof rack, depending on your particular setup. Each tent comes with mounting brackets to secure the tent to your vehicle, with the option to add locks to keep these brackets protected. Make sure you know the dimensions of your crossbars or roof rack to ensure compatibility with the mounting brackets. In addition, the hardshell iKamper roof top tents (Skycamp, Skycamp 2X, and Skycamp Mini) also come with locking latches for an added layer of security.

Our hardshell roof top tents come in three colors: Black, White, and Rocky Black. While the Black and White hardshells have a glossy look, the Rocky Black is a tough, scratch-resistant, matte black finish. This hardshell finish is ideal for off-roading and overlanding, or for those who just prefer a more subdued look for their roof top tent's hardshell. Please note that not all tent models offer these particular colors due to stock availability, so double check hardshell color options on the product page for the latest updates. If you still have questions, please reach out to our support team.


iKamper Rooftop Tents

Model Name: Skycamp 2.0
Tent Type: Hardshell
Capacity: Up to 4 people
Colors: Black, Rocky Black, White
Dimensions: 85.4 x 90.5 x 48.4” / 217 x 230 x 123 cm (OPEN), 85.4 x 54.7 x 12.8” / 217 x 139 x 32.5 cm (CLOSED)
Weight: 160 pounds / 73 kilograms

Winner of the 2018 Red Dot Design Award

The Skycamp 2.0 was released in 2019 as a new, upgraded version of the original Skycamp, which first made a debut in 2017 as a Kickstarter project. The first edition Skycamp became the most successful tent in crowdfunding history and raised $2.3 million in backing funds. It remains one of the most preeminent roof top tents on the market thanks to its innovative design and engineering.

Aerodynamic and lightweight, the Skycamp 2.0 sets up in just 60 seconds, allowing for the quickest and most convenient roof top tent experience. The Skycamp 2.0 is also expandable thanks to its fold-out panel, providing a sleeping space equivalent to that of a king size bed (80 x 77.5 x 1.6" / 203 x 197 x 4 cm) to accommodate up to four people. The panel is supported by the telescopic ladder when in use, and folds back up to be stored inside when not in use.

Model Name: Skycamp 2X
Tent Type: Hardshell
Capacity: 2 people
Colors: Black, Rocky Black, White
Dimensions: 85.4 x 58.6 x 48.4” / 217 x 149 x 123 cm (OPEN), 85.4 x 54.7 x 12.8" / 217 x 139 x 32.5 cm (CLOSED)
Weight: 120 pounds / 55 kilograms

The Skycamp 2X was released in 2018 as the two-person version of the Skycamp. This hardshell tent also sets up in just 60 seconds! In 2019, a new, improved version was released alongside the Skycamp 2.0 with many of the same added features. The main difference is that the Skycamp 2X lacks the fold-out panel of the Skycamp 2.0, which means that it functions similarly to traditional clamshell roof top tents. Because the Skycamp 2X lacks the fold-out panel that the Skycamp 2.0 has, there is more room inside the tent for storage when the hardshell is closed. No panel also provides the Skycamp 2X with the added benefits of being more wind resistant, allowing the ladder to be stored inside the tent while you're sleeping, and having a thicker mattress (1.8" / 4.5 cm).

Model Name: X-Cover
Tent Type: Hybrid (Coverless)
Capacity: Up to 4 People
Color: Silver (Top Panel)
Dimensions: 76.3 x 93.7 x 48.4” / 194 x 238 x 123 cm (OPEN), 76.3 x 46.8 x 13.5” / 194 x 119 x 34.5 cm (CLOSED)
Weight: 120 pounds / 55 kilograms

Winner of the 2019 Red Dot Design Award Honourable Mention

Patented Design

The X-Cover joined the iKamper collection in 2019 and is a time-saving hybrid of a hardshell and a softshell roof top tent. Because it is coverless, the X-Cover is the only iKamper roof top tent that has crossbars, allowing you to mount your favorite gear while saving space in your vehicle. This lack of a cover or hardshell gives the X-Cover a double Skyview and four large windows, allowing you to really take in the beauty of your surroundings. Roughly equivalent to a California king size mattress at 89.3 x 68.9 x 2.3” / 227 x 175 x 6 cm, the X-Cover also features the largest and thickest mattress of all iKamper tents.

Model Name: Skycamp Mini
Tent Type: Hardshell
Capacity: 2 People
Colors: Black, Rocky Black
Dimensions: 57.2 x 89 x 48.4” / 145.5 x 226 x 123 cm (OPEN), 57.2 x 54.7 x 12.8” / 145.5 x 139 x 32.5 cm (CLOSED)
Weight: 125 pounds / 57 kilograms

Winner of the 2020 Red Dot Design Award

Versatility and convenience in compact form: the Skycamp Mini is the latest addition to the iKamper collection. It was first revealed at Overland Expo in May 2019 and subsequently released in early 2020. As the latest iKamper hardshell roof top tent, it can also be set up in only 60 seconds. Similar to the Skycamp 2X, the Skycamp Mini is a two-person version of the Skycamp 2.0. However, the key difference is that the Skycamp Mini features the fold-out panel that the original has; this allows the Skycamp Mini to have a much smaller footprint, making it ideal to be mounted on smaller vehicles, truck beds, truck cabs, and for saving rack space.

iKamper Accessories

iKamper also offers many accessories to upgrade and enhance your roof top tent to get the most out of your camping experience. From small accessories like the Shoe Rack to very large accessories like the Annex, these additions are made specifically for your roof top tent adventures. Whether you are looking for utility, security, comfort, or convenience, iKamper has the solutions for you. Here are a few of our most popular accessories.

Product Name: Annex
Dimensions: 141.7 x 122 x 70.8" / 55.7 x 48 x 27.8 cm (Skycamp model)
Weight: 21.1 pounds / 9.6 kilograms (Skycamp model)

The Annex adds significant living space to an iKamper roof top tent. With waterproof construction and mosquito netting, it provides a covered area for protection from rain, snow, pests, and harmful UV rays. The three sides of the Annex can be converted into canopies, allowing for the cool breeze to blow in when the weather is ideal. There are currently five different models of the Annex, as each one is unique to the tents that they mount onto.

Product Name: Bracket Locks 2.0
Dimensions: 5 x 6 x 2" / 1.9 x 2.3 x 0.7 cm (Box size)
Weight: 1.1 pounds / 0.5 kilograms

Bracket Locks 2.0 secure the iKamper roof top tent to the vehicle, allowing for peace of mind and extra security. These locks are exclusively compatible with the Mounting Brackets 2.0.

Product Name: Shoe Rack
Dimensions: 21.2 x 8.6 x 28.3" / 8.3 x 3.3 x 11.14 cm
Weight: 2 pounds / 0.9 kilograms

The Shoe Rack allows one to keep their shoes (and their tent) dry and mud-free. This lightweight accessory hangs from the front of the tent and can hold six pairs of shoes, keeping them easily within reach when coming and going. It also features a rain-proof cover and can be folded for easy storage.

Product Name: Awning
Dimensions: 110" x 169.3" / 280 x 430 cm (Skycamp, Skycamp 2X, and X-Cover model)
Weight: 14 pounds / 6.3 kilograms (Skycamp, Skycamp 2X, and X-Cover model)

This lightweight, waterproof Awning provides shelter, shade, and protection from rain and heat. Setup takes less than three minutes and it can be stored in a convenient storage pouch.

Product Name: Insulation Tent
Dimensions: 24 x 8 x 8" / 60.9 x 20.3 x 20.3 cm (Skycamp model)
Weight: 9 pounds / 4 kilograms (Skycamp model)

Ideal for the cooler months of the year, the quilted, double-layer Insulation Tent helps keep out the winter chill and retains heat inside a roof top tent to maintain a cozy environment. It easily attaches to the inside of your tent and setup takes less than five minutes.



Are roof top tents worth it?

The answer to this question depends on one's preferred camping style and needs. For some people, a small, inexpensive ground tent can provide a great camping experience. These campers are less concerned with comfort, so disadvantages such as the longer setup time, ground surface and temperature, and increased exposure to insects, animals, wind, and rain are not barriers for them.

At the same time, some individuals prefer a camping experience with more speed, comfort, and convenience that roof top tents afford. Quick setup, decreased exposure to insects and animals, increased protection from the elements, comfort of a large mattress, durability, and the benefit of being above the ground are all advantages provided by a roof top tent.

Roof top tents, however, are not without their own disadvantages: higher cost, added weight, and impact on fuel economy are things to take into account when considering to buy one. While the verdict is ultimately up to the individual, the majority of iKamper roof top tent owners will unequivocally tell you that they are worth it.

Are roof top tents safe from bears?

Roof top tents were invented to keep occupants safe from predators while overlanding in areas like Australia and Africa. In this way, they do provide more protection than a ground tent as they are higher out of reach, but they are not bear proof. Bears are excellent climbers and will not have an issue getting on top of your vehicle if they smell food. Simply put, if a curious, hungry bear wants to get into a tent, it can and will. The only way to mitigate this issue is to prevent a bear from being attracted to the scent of your camp by storing food properly. Please visit this website for specific tips on this.

Are roof top tents waterproof?

In contrast with ground tents, roof top tents are made of thicker fabric and have rainflies for added protection against precipitation. The canvas on iKamper roof top tents is made of 300gsm super density poly cotton canvas, which is water resistant, breathable, insulating, UV resistant, and built to last. This material prevents you from getting too hot on a warm day and too cold when it's chilly out. Although it's heavier than traditional tent fabric, it is quieter thanks to its weight and insulation properties. The polycotton canvas is water resistant, but one should make sure to dry out the material before closing the hardshell. Each iKamper roof top tent also comes with a detachable waterproof rainfly. To read more specific fabric care information, including weathering instructions, visit this page.

Are roof top tents warm?

The first advantage of a roof top tent in cold weather is its location above the ground. As described above, the thicker canvas used on iKamper roof top tents helps retain warmth in comparison with the thinner canvas materials. Finally, there's always the Insulation Tent made just for cold weather camping to help keep you cozy and warm (see above for full description). In any case, make sure you have a properly rated sleeping bag if you plan on camping in icy conditions.

We hope this article has been helpful and informative. If you have any questions for us, iKamper Canada customer support is ready to assist you however we can. Feel free to reach out to us at info@bigtentoutdoors.com!